Welcome to the Belgian Photonics Online Meetup

The goal of bePOM is to strengthen the Belgian photonics network, associating research groups from all the universities in Belgium working on fundamental and applied topics in photonics. It will give the opportunity to early career and established researchers to (re-)discover and learn about the ongoing research topics in the Belgian cities next-door, without moving from their home universities.

bePOM is an entirely free virtual conference and is affiliated with the international POM conference

The bePOM first edition was held on 11 September 2020.  A virtual poster session took place on 10 September 2020 on Twitter.  Registration deadline: 9 September 2020.

This online event is planned to happen every year in case of success.

For this first edition, we will have invited speakers covering the broadest range of photonics fundamentals and applications in Belgium. We encourage everyone in the optics community to submit high-quality posters. The next editions will be more dedicated to specific topics and will come with a selection of talks by the scientific committee, as in a regular conference.

The social gatherings, which usually make a conference even more successful, are not forgotten: local hubs could be organized (depending on the global sanitary situation) in each University, in order to attend the conference with colleagues, allowing discussions on the talks around pizzas and drinks.

As bePOM is affiliated with POM international, we totally share their mission and aims

The initial mission of POM was to provide everyone access to the latest knowledge. Lately, especially due to the pandemic of COVID-19, it has become more important than ever to promote methods of disseminating scientific knowledge without physical contact.  Read more...

Scientific Committee

  • Dr Michaël Lobet | University of Liège - University of Namur - Harvard University
  • Dr Sébastien Mouchet | University of Namur - University of Exeter
  • Dr Gilles Rosolen | University of Mons