Annick Castiaux, UNamur

Speaker, Professor, Management Sciences

Annick Castiaux has a PhD in Physics realised under the auspices of the Belgian National Foundation for Research (FNRS). After several post-doctoral projects supported by the European Union, she decided to join the private sector. During 4 years, she worked as a consultant in Information and Knowledge Management for I.R.I.S. SA, an spin-off company located in Louvain-la-Neuve. This experience gave her some knowledge of public and private organisations and their difficulties to manage technological changes. In 2002, she came back to the university as a Professor of Innovation and Technology Management.





Loïc Boulon, UQTR

Speaker, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Director of the Research Department of the International laboratory on hydrogen energy, Loïc Boulon has got a PhD in Engineering sciences majoring in electrical engineering.

Loïc Boulon is currently teaching in the Department of electrical and computer engineering.






Colin Jacob-Vaillancourt, Gesterra

Speaker,  Researcher and Research coordinator

Colin Jacob-Vaillancourt's professional activities are centered on two main themes: develop innovative solutions to recycle materials that are currently landfilled, and set-up R&D partnerships between Gesterra Inc. and other stakeholders in the field of waste management.

He recently completed a Master`s project on post-consumer plastic waste. His project aimed to help material recovery facilities gather and analyse relevant quality data on their plastic streams. This project also allowed me to develop a recycling opportunity for problematic plastic waste: lightweight concrete made with crushed plastic aggregates.

His travels helped him appreciate the extent of solid waste pollution in various parts of the globe, and inspired me to join the waste management and recycling industry. I am particularly interested in innovative recycled materials, marine pollution by plastic debris, as well as small-scale waste management solutions.




Benoît Moreau

Benoît Moreau, HEPC-Condorcet

Speaker, Professor-Researcher, Green Chemistry (biocatalysis) and white biotechnologies

After a doctoral dissertation at Gembloux AgroBioTech in the field of the production of an enzyme and its exploitation for the synthesis of new surfactants from renewable resources, I discovered the industrial reality during my post-doc at SUPAGRO Montpellier. The theme of this applied research, funded by Cognis (Germany), was biofuel synthesis using an enzyme.
 This post doctoral position allowed me to become a Research Manager for 3 years at Galactic.

Since 6 years, I joined the HEPH- Condorcet where my academic and industrial skills allow me to teach future engineers in « Bio-industries ». For more than two years, I have managed the "Green Chemistry and Biobased Products" unit whose philosophy is the « Valorization of industrial by-products into molecules with high added value ». Currently, 3 applied research projects are in progress, namely an ARES project in Cuba, an FHE project and a DGO3 project with UCL et CRA Gembloux; other international projects are being drafted with collaborations with France (CEBB, AgroParisTech, UTC, AgroSup Dijon, SUPAGRO Montpellier), Germany (Fraunhofer, ATB-Postdam), Canada (UQTR, CNETE, Oléotek), Brazil (UFRJ, INT, SENAI, Fiocruz), Cuba (ICIDCA, University of Havane) ; Greece (TEI & Polytech Athens)


Haissam JijakliHaissam Jijakli, University of Liège 

Urban Agriculture, another way to grow

For 8 years, Prof. H. Jijakli, develops a new axis of research on urban agriculture at the University of Liège (ULiege), Campus Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech. Several national and international research projects are underway in the area, with a view of results transfer. He created the Research Centre in Urban Agriculture (www.agriculture-urbaine.be) which develops and studies production modules in - and outdoor for urban communities and individuals (gardens, modules of indoor vertical production, aquaponics systems like PAFF BOX,...) but also for professionals (aquaponics at pilot-scale, rooftop greenhouses). The characterization of aquaponics microbiota for their plant care properties is under progress. He also developed a Spin-off company (Green SURF s.a) dedicated to advice Real Estate promoters and cities willing to include urban agriculture in their projects. Since the beginning of his career, he has to his credit more than 400 scientific outputs (including 125 refereed articles; 7 patents, 3 Spin-offs).